Top Tech Rollouts, Trends From T3

If you want to know what future technology tools and applications you and your custodian or broker-dealer will be using to help you deliver advice, there is no better place find out than at the T3 Advisor Conference, which took place Jan. 29-Feb 1 near Dallas.

Kicking off the conference was charismatic entrepreneur, technologist and innovator Oleg Tishkevich. Fresh out of Envestnet after selling his Finance Logix financial-planning software company to the mega-turnkey asset management program provider several years ago, Tishkevich took center stage to reveal his latest venture:

“Just like when the industry migrated from DOS to Windows and had to re-architect everything, the time is now for firms to move to the cloud in order to take advantage of all of the benefits that the cloud delivers in terms of efficiencies, scale, cost savings, integrations, security and flexibility,” he said in his keynote address.

By the cloud, Tishkevich means not just throwing your existing applications and systems into a hosted environment — a “cloud-based” approach — but completely reconfiguring complex systems to become “cloud-native,” which is a much more robust and nimble way to take advantage of the latest innovations in cloud technology.

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