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Oleg Tishkevich soars into the Cloud with a new venture that topped his previous one hits the ground running with several contracts reflecting friends in high places but critics ask whether he can fly so close to the sun without getting scorched

Brooke’s Note: Us wealth management journalists can hardly leave our office for three hours before a new claim of a “game changer” arrives in our inbox. But actually has some of those qualities –without using those cliches. We felt it during the process of writing the article. [..]

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Top Tech Rollouts, Trends From T3

If you want to know what future technology tools and applications you and your custodian or broker-dealer will be using to help you deliver advice, there is no better place find out than at the T3 Advisor Conference, which took place Jan. 29-Feb 1 near Dallas.

Kicking off the conference was charismatic entrepreneur, technologist and innovator Oleg Tishkevich. Fresh out of Envestnet after selling his Finance Logix financial-planning software company to the mega-turnkey asset management program provider several years ago, Tishkevich took center stage to reveal his latest venture:

“Just like when the industry migrated from DOS to Windows and had to re-architect everything, the time is now for firms to move to the cloud in order to take advantage of all of the benefits that the cloud delivers in terms of efficiencies, scale, cost savings, integrations, security and flexibility,” he said in his keynote address.

By the cloud, Tishkevich means not just throwing your existing applications and systems into a hosted environment — a “cloud-based” approach — but completely reconfiguring complex systems to become “cloud-native,” which is a much more robust and nimble way to take advantage of the latest innovations in cloud technology.

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Tapping the Cloud

Tishkevich, founder of FinanceLogix which was bought by Envestnet in 2015, started the conference off with a presentation on his second venture called

Realizing broker-dealers can’t get to the cloud with all their encumbrances, he aims to bring the cloud to them. Oleg’s new consultancy utilizes a new technology called “cloud-native.”

“Twenty percent of developer’s time spent on customizing and maintaining APIs, and that’s just becoming more-and-more challenging. Entrepreneurs want to be different – how do you create a system to satisfy not just the majority, but the absolute?”

The first BD client is already signed, Tishkevich says. The company is planning an April beta release with 14,000 users.


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T3: Riskalyze Cozies Up To Financial Planning, Launches

The former CEO of Finance Logix officially launched a cloud-native software consulting firm, while Riskalyze debuted new Timeline feature.

Kicking off the second day of new advisor technology, former Finance Logix CEO Oleg Tishkevich’s latest venture, an advisor-focused cloud-native software development firm called, officially launched this morning at T3 in Denton, Texas. The launch was followed by Riskalyze CEO Aaron Klein rolling out “Timeline,” a feature designed to make Retirement Maps and outside financial planning software work even more closely together.

Drawing analogies to football, a multi-sun universe, and Marvel’s Avengers superheroes, Tishkevich said the strategy of using APIs to solve problems in financial technology is becoming overwhelming and advisors are struggling to complete the last drive into the endzone.

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Founder of Finance Logix Launches New Tech Consultancy

Oleg Tishkevich, Envestnet obligations complete, embarks on a new cloud-oriented endeavor.

A well-known tech expert from the advisory world has returned to independence, launching a new consultancy to serve the needs of big incumbents and smaller FinTech firms alike in reinventing themselves as cloud natives.

Oleg Tishkevich has launched a new software development consulting firm called The firm aims to help financial institutions supporting financial advisors and “vendors creating wealth tech software solve their complex systems architecture problems.” Joining him is Ryan Reineke, former COO and CTO of broker/dealer Cambridge Research, and others.

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